It is a student’s marketplace, where students can buy/sell notes and get paid in return.

No, it’s absolutely free! You can upload any number of notes you like for free. We charge 30% service fee for using our site only when your notes are sold.

Yes, you can log in with facebook/google this will eliminate the need for password recall, especially helpful for regular buyers and sellers.

All account will be blocked or deleted in case any violation of ” Terms and conditions ”. Users will not be able to withdraw earned amount if they do not follow the policy of the site.

You cannot delete your account permanently , but you can  delete all  contents from your account.

No, you cannot cancel your order as files will be available for download right away. 

You can contact any seller by using comment section below every document . If you have difficulty in downloading your purchases contact us .

For security purpose  your transaction is on hold. Please email us to get your balance upadated.

Once you upload your notes you will be able to share your content via Facebook /Twitter and other social networks. You can also share this links with your classmates via the messaging tool that your school uses. Also once your content is uploaded it becomes available for all users around the world to purchase. Depending on the content of your notes it can be purchased by multiple buyers.

You can upload files with the following extension ( rtf, pdf, txt, doc, jpg, png, docx).

You can upload class notes, self-prepared materials like projects, research surveys, assignments, essays, case studies, presentations etc. Users can upload all kind of study materials unless that does not violate the copyright of the original author. Refer to the “Terms of Use and Copyright Policy” for understanding more about the content you can upload.

Yes, you can delete the content whenever you like.

No, you cannot re-edit your content , but you can always delete the content and re -upload it.

Yes, you can upload notes in any language.

Approval process may take up to 1-2 days.

No, you cannot upload other users content. Duplicate content will be not be approved and will be deleted without any notice.

 Documents may be rejected for several reasons; for example

1) Documents uploaded in any other format than supported file types: pdf, txt, doc,docx, rtf ,jpg and png.

2) Duplicate files - document already exsits on website.

3) Copyrighted Materials.

4) Document is less than 2 pages.

All rejected documents are deleted after few days of rejection to create space on our website.

After placing your order, you will be able to download file instantly. If you are coming back to re-download your purchased notes, login to our website from the my account page,click on the library tab and select which notes you want to download from  the downloaded documents  list.

You can contact us right away and we will fix your problem ASAP.

You can earn upto $0.20 on every document you upload .Plus, you can earn whenever your document is downloaded. You’ve worked hard—don’t let your study resources go to waste!

Note - Free Credits earned by uploading documents can only be used towards purchasing other notes.

Refunds are available on a case-by-case basis. There is no way we can know the accuracy of the document.

Note -You must have purchased this document within past 3 days before you ask for a refund.

Please follow this Steps

Step1-Read document information again in case you have missed out anything before purchasing it.

Step2- Provide us with all the required information. We will contact the seller and try to resolve your problem.

Setp3- If we haven’t received any response from seller within 3 days or seller is unable to solve your problem, you will get 100% refund.

Yes, in the case dispute ends in favor of the buyer. Refund amount will be deducted from the seller earning.

You can top-up your account from add funds section in your account page.

We have top up system which gives users ability to load their balance using PayPal or Credit Card. Topped up balance can be used for later purchases.

You can withdraw your payment as soon as you have $10 on your account, you can withdraw your earning only via PayPal.

To withdraw  your earning you have to make a withdrawal request from your rewards tab. Remember withdrawal request approval may take up to 24/48 hours.

Note : It is your responsibility to add correct PayPal email address.

 Yes, we take 30% of the sale amount as service fee .

If you have questions, suggestions or concerns, we'd love to hear from you


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